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Product service commitment letter

Hangzhou alit Audio Technology Co., Ltd. for a long time has been working on for customers to sell products to provide comprehensive technical support and regular visits to service, timely solutions to customers in the use of the quality problems appeared in the process.
One, the product warranty for one year, one year non-human causes of product failure will be free of maintenance.
Two, the scope of the warranty
The following appeared in 1, you buy the product after eritire will not provide free maintenance, but you can choose the paid service. Beyond one year free maintenance period; not according to the content of the product spec use, maintenance, custody and cause of fault damage; because of the fall, extrusion, high temperature, corrosion, foreign body into the equipment, poor electrical environment and other non normal reason is the failure or damage; without authorized maintenance organizations and personnel to confirm the disassemble, repair, resulting in the installation of product failure; no factory name, address, date of production, product serial number, or product serial number and label fuzzy not clear, damaged, was unable to identify.
2, maintenance mode: when you after the purchase, alit audio products in the scope of free warranty parts appear hardware problems, please to contact the sales staff to contact will product feedback. After checking out the problems, please send your fault products to the local office or send to the company headquarters.
3, pay attention to: